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With Dale DeGroff in Switzerland

The source for professional marketing expertise

Brand builder by providing exceptional marketing direction for my clients through innovative synergistic positioning, combined with a total understanding of the product and target audience. 

Proven experience in creating, marketing and selling brands including the following. 


Strategic Planning

Public Relations 

New Product Development


Marketing Communication


Package Design

Event Management

Competitive Analysis


Demographic Segmentation


Market Research  

"But for all the headline grabbing news about the largest brewers, vintners, and distillers, industry executives also point to an interesting consumer phenomenon taking shape - the rise of the smaller, more nimble companies. These smaller firms, often work with limited resources compared to their larger competitors, still succeed in nurturing a variety of niche products - some possessing a long history, others that are brand new". 
Market Watch, May 1999

Stepping out (individuals at all levels in a firm, or brands) and standing out from the growing crowd of look-alikes.
Being average has never had much appeal. It's better to fail with flair in pursuit of something neat. But, we don't fail.  Tom Peters - 1994 - The Pursuit of Wow.




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